Innovations in Packaging Help Feed Hungry Children in Mexico


Patented Duo-Chamber Flexible Packaging Technology
Available for license in defined fields of use within specific worldwide geographies 
Offered by DuPont and Kornick Lindsay

For many people who live in remote areas of developing countries, it is gravely difficult to access clean water and nutritious food. Lack of infrastructure impedes transporting basic and essential foods quickly, and the near complete lack of reliable refrigeration makes it extremely difficult to store food safely. 

This two minute film tells the story of the decade-old vision of one man, Álvaro Novarro Garate, to advance food packaging technology to help deliver healthy, safe food to those less fortunate in the State of Chihuahua. As the film unspools, we learn how DuPont Surlyn®, a resin, helps enable a duo-chamber pouch package. This unique package safely separates purified water from infant formula, allowing it to withstand the distribution journey and lasts up to 12 months without refrigeration. 

The duo-chamber pouch can bring lifesaving benefits to communities, especially in developing regions, by providing safe nutrition to children and adults in marginalized and remote areas in a cost effective way. The lightweight design of the pouch reduces costs of transportation and energy, giving it a smaller environmental footprint compared to other types of packages like glass, plastic bottles, cans, or aseptic cartons. 


Patented Duo-Chamber Pouch w/ Frangible Seal - Separates two metered ingredients with a curved frangible seal in either a stand-up or pillow pouch format. Improves consumer convenience, product efficacy, and shelf life with 'just-in-time' product activation.
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